The future of the electric guitar case is here.

Introducing the Gig Case by Hungate Cases.

A revolutionary design that strikes the perfect balance between protection and portability.

Take it for a spin!

The Gig Case vs. The Rest

The only free-standing, performance gig case for your guitar.
  • Lighter and easier to handle than a hard case, but more protective than a soft case.
  • 100% more accessory storage.
  • Stand and protective cover in one sleek, streamlined package.
  • Totally and easily portable by its integrated handle or shoulder strap configurations.
  • Detachable storage/accessory compartments.

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Stand & Deliver

With unique self-standing legs and a flexible configuration, Hungate Cases gig cases protect and serve.

Next Generation

Not just the next generation in guitar cases… but the next of the next in form and function. A removable flip top adds new utility to current case designs.

It's Personal

Not your Daddy’s gig bag. A Hungate Case is there for YOU. It organizes your stuff and protects your guitar so that you are free to focus on performance.

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