Summer NAMM in Nashville

Greetings! Summer NAMM in Nashville is ramping up this weekend, and we’re here checking out the latest and getting to know potential partners. I really hope you have been following our “Tales from the Road & Travel Tips” blog the past few weeks. One thing we heard loud and clear from the hundreds of musicians..

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Tuning In, photo by Falk Lademann

More travel tips: Detuning your guitar

Now that you have a pretty good chance of carrying your guitar case onto your flight, let’s talk about some other ways to keep your baby safe. Detune your guitar before takeoff? You’ll find a lot of debate about whether you should detune the guitar before hitting the skies. (Taylor Guitars, for one, says no;..

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travel icon, courtesy of CDBaby

The Plane Truth: Tips for Traveling with Your Guitar

If it hasn’t come yet, it will: the day you travel with your most priceless piece of equipment. The day you take that baby on a plane.   We’ve already posted about some good news—a change in airline rules that allows you to carry on your guitar case instead of checking it. Restrictions apply—because they..

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