Peter Rydberg

“Like that when I got Here”: One Guitar Case Horror Story

If you’ve played long enough, you have stories to tell. Good ones, sure, but also the hard ones that influenced how you handle your guitars, your cases—all your gear. It’s those dreaded lessons learned. Recently we talked to Peter Rydberg, musician, engineer, and producer from Philadelphia (Blue Design, 1935). When we asked him how he..

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Up, up, and away …traveling safely with your guitar

It’s bad enough remembering how much lotion, potion, or product you can bring on board without making airport security screenings even more stressful. So you really don’t want to have doubts about your equipment–where it is and how it’s handling the flight. Well, if you’ve been crossing your fingers or praying as your favorite guitar..

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Interview with Rich Fuchs of Fancy Reagan

Eric caught up recently with Rich Fuchs, winner of our SXSW Gear Giveaway and member of the VH1 award winning band Fancy Reagan, via Skype. Rich was relaxing a bit in Vegas before preparing for the band’s March Madness Jamfest performance at the NCAA Final Four. Things have really picked up for Fancy Reagan over..

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Rich Fuchs

And The Winner Is….

And the winner of $300 in gear from Musician’s Friend is….Rich Fuchs! Rich is a lifetime guitarist (since age 11) from New Jersey and a member of the New York pop/rock band Fancy Reagan.  He also is a guitarist in the New York City act fio!.  Rich says his influences are Jimmy Page, Paul Gilbert,..

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