We looked at Heartfield guitars once before with this RR-58 and I mentioned that I would love to see it in green ( it's kind of a thing for me, green guitars ) and lo and behold here we have a green Heartfield RR-59.I think it looks incredible.I've yet to get my hands on a Heartfield guitar but given the quality level of guitars coming out of Japan at the time I can only assume it plays as good as it looks.Currently on eBay for $699 U.S.R.W. Haller© 2016, Guitarz - The Original Guitar Blog - the blog [...]
Thu, Nov 24, 2016, Continue reading at the source Ah, seeing this Dennis The Menace official licensed BEANO guitar takes me right back to my junior school years, where I spent many happy hours reading comics, of which The Beano was my favourite. This BEANO guitar has been issued by John Hornby Skewes, they of UK budget brands Encore and Vintage. The headstock is the same shape as used on Vintage branded Les Paul style guitars. Very cool indeed. I've seen it priced as high as £180 but this example I found on eBay is a very reaonable £115 including free postage within the UK. For confused Stateside [...]
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Choosing The Best Acoustic Guitar Case. Submitted by Alexander on Thu, 05/28/2015 ... Get the latest price & reviews at Cordoba HumiCase Protege. [...]
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Check out our expert hands-on review of SKB Guitar Cases and other gear for musicians at the Hub from Musician's Friend. Shop confidently. [...]
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