Tuning In, photo by Falk Lademann

More travel tips: Detuning your guitar

Now that you have a pretty good chance of carrying your guitar case onto your flight, let’s talk about some other ways to keep your baby safe. Detune your guitar before takeoff? You’ll find a lot of debate about whether you should detune the guitar before hitting the skies. (Taylor Guitars, for one, says no;..

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travel icon, courtesy of CDBaby

The Plane Truth: Tips for Traveling with Your Guitar

If it hasn’t come yet, it will: the day you travel with your most priceless piece of equipment. The day you take that baby on a plane.   We’ve already posted about some good news—a change in airline rules that allows you to carry on your guitar case instead of checking it. Restrictions apply—because they..

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Up, up, and away …traveling safely with your guitar

It’s bad enough remembering how much lotion, potion, or product you can bring on board without making airport security screenings even more stressful. So you really don’t want to have doubts about your equipment–where it is and how it’s handling the flight. Well, if you’ve been crossing your fingers or praying as your favorite guitar..

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